Richeys Good Year - Richey's GoodYear will scam you and break your car!

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Whatever you do, don't take your vehicle to Richey's GoodYear on Robert's Hilliard, oh.

They will take your money, not do the proper repairs, AND screw something else up while they're at it so you have to get more services. My fiance didn't listen to me, and now has gone through 2 cars because of them, in less than a year. This last one was the worst because they destroyed the engine in it. the last one, they destroyed the alignment and a couple other needed mechanical parts.

And what's worse is that I took the car to another mechanic to prove their ineptitude, and was told that it couldn't be proven without my paying them to take the engine apart and find out what went wrong.

$800 they were going to charge, for repairs that already costed me over $2k at Richey's. Needless to say, car is dead, and I can't afford to prove it was them that did it, but I know cause they killed the last car as well.

So, do yourself a favor and take your car to another mechanic shop that won't rip you off like they will.

Review about: Mechanical Work.



No progress as of yet, nor do I care to even deal with talking with these a - holes. Just want to let everyone know that they're still butt heads and you shouldn't take your car in to them unless you want to pay for more repairs or lose your car completely by the time they're done screwing it up for you.

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